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Our supporters cycle the extra mile for the kids

Tuk Tuk Theatre will be given an environment friendly make over this summer. We’ll be trading a motor for a man, and petrol for, most probably, rice. That’s right; we’ll be hooking up one of our most dedicated supporters, Alan Kemp, to the Tuk Tuk.

Kempy, the long standing member of the Weaver Valley Cycling Club will ride for two hours connected to an alternator which will power our TV for an audience of mini tukers. He’ll need to maintain 14 volts throughout the duration of The Lion King in the afternoon sun, which most days exceeds 35 degrees Celsius.


If you think Alan deserves a round of applause why not sponsor him? Heck, request he does more stuff for your money!


The Tuk Tuk Team is currently modifying a sit-up-and-beg bike, which has seen better days. We’re attaching an alternator, battery, and even the tuk tuk carriage (basket and bell already included).

Magic in the making

Alan says “I have had my fair share of cycling experiences, but this will certainly be a first!”

“The impact is simple, a child’s happiness, but the way the team has shaped a simple idea to suit the needs of Cambodia, that’s what makes it unique”

Alan will be putting the pedal to the power on August 10th. “The smile of a child, what could be more compelling? I’m willing to do whatever I can to make that happen”

A massive thanks to Alan for being such a good sport. Stayed tuned for videos, photos and more…

What can YOU do for the kids?


Are you able to sacrifice the price of a pint of beer? The cost of a cup of coffee?


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