Tuk Talk – Youtube stars and more donations (Issue 11)

PHOTO OF THE MONTH: Recording music videos. Cambodian Stars are here!

Tuk Talk – 11th Issue

August 2018
Hello to all of our TT4C supporters. Are you enjoying your summer or perhaps your winter?  In Cambodia, the national election was held peacefully on the 29th of July, so we are getting ready to start our activities again. The good news is that because the ruling party won again, they have extended the free train ride from Phnom Penh to Poipet untill the end of this year and also the free train from the Airport to the city in Phnom Penh until the end of October. If you are coming to Cambodia, why not try the train?


Thanks to our supporters. We appreciate all your help including the monthly cash donations, books & toys, sharing our posts etc… Every action of yours allows us to continue our work. Thank you very much and once again, we appreciate & look forward to your future support.  

Latest News① Talked about TT4C in Germany

We visited Germany in early July and one of our friends invited us to give a talk at his company “Emarsys interactive services GmbH”. Emarsys work in Email Marketing software and were interested to know more about not only what we do but also why. The HR manager mentioned that she will help spread the work to their staff to volunteer with us in their spare time if interested. Thank you Mario for giving us this opportunity!

Latest News② Donations from Germany and England
We brought donations over from Germany and England! Every time we go somewhere, we try to bring as much stuff as we can but this time, we managed to bring about 70kg of donations, 3 checked in luggage and 2 carry on luggage. Thank you very much to the people that donated and also to the recycling shops who gave us a big discount to buy. They are now being sorted and translated so that they will be ready for the new school year in November!We are going back to Japan in October and to Australia in December and we still have plenty of space in our bags.

If someone has something for us, please let us know! Things we need are written below.

Latest News DDSP’s Garden is Growing!
We visited DDSP garden the other day. It’s not a large garden, but in that space, there are so many different plants growing! They finished their first harvest of lettuce and they said all the children could take a bit home. At the moment, long beans and pumpkins are getting bigger and bigger! Fran our TT4C volunteer, has grown tomatoes and chilies seedlings at our office, so when they are a bit bigger, we will transplant them in the DDSP garden too!


There are many ways you can help to support us. Of course you can donate here… for as little as $2 per month but money is not the only way to help. Did you know that just by forwarding this newsletter to your friends or by liking and sharing our facebook posts or instagram posts, you can get the message out there and help to power our “Education Tukalution”.

Report for July

In July, we had to stop both Tuk Tuk Theatre and Mobile Library due to the election so instead, we got to do things we don’t normally have time for like maintenance for office and websites and preparing new items for the library.

The first achievement was… shooting our music videos for kindergartners!
We have been aiming to shoot music videos of the songs we have created and put up on Youtube so we can share our songs with all the teachers in Cambodia but we hadn’t had a chance to get it done… luckily for us, Fran, who is a film maker, came to volunteer with us! Under her direction, we managed to shoot 8 videos in July and another 4 in early August just before she left. With her training, we have new Cambodian stars! Dala did a great job in singing and Sokha was the best assistant to Fran! We still have to put the lyrics on the videos but we hope to put them all up by end of August! Thank you Fran!!

The second achievement was maintenance of office and website. 
Our new volunteer Denis is taking actions on the IT front. We only have Adrian to work on  website projects which he is well underqualified for, so having Denis’s support has been a really big help! He has been fixing our website problems but if you notice something wrong, please let us know!
Also our office has been renovated partly because of Denis and Adrian. They take cleaned and repainted our office walls so now it has a clean comfortable atmosphere.  Bongsrey, Maly’s Mum, brought some hanging plants as well so she made the office even more beautiful. We had our first harvest of long beans from our office garden which Chris made too!

After. Repainted walls and hanging plants
First harvest!

Voluntukers in July


After Niamh left, Yann took the leader role at TT4C. After 5 months of volunteering, he moved onto the next step in his life. He was heavily involved in DDSP activities by teaching children English and computer skills, and at TT4C, he taught French, supported Sokha in social media, translating website, helped make gardens and grass roof for parking area and so on… Thank you so much for all the help!

Fran is a film maker from Chili. She stayed with us for 1 month at TT4C and helped with translating books and to write a new story with her script writing skills. Beyond this, she created 12 music videos! There were many late nights and many hours filming and she also spent a lot of time training Dala, Sokha and Maly to be TT4C music stars! We still have a little bit of editing to complete before we are live but expect our Youtube channel to grow soon.
Denis from France was introduced by our former voluntuker Julie. He will be here for a month. He is supporting with IT maintenance and improvements. He is also a film maker so he is helping us to make volunteer videos. Denis has taken over the French lessons after Yann and the number of the students are growing! He has two more weeks with us and he is interested in doing virtual volunteering even after he goes back to France!

Khmer for This Month

“អត់ (មិន)អីទេ” means “ok/all right”. It’s used as often as the last phrase “at banhhea”. If you raise the ending, it will be a question asking “is it ok?” and if your voice goes down, it will mean “it’s ok”.

Food for This Month

Cambodian style fried noodles. If you buy on the street, it’s around US$0.50 and even in the restaurants US$1.5 to $2.5. Depending on the shop, it might be sweeter, saltier, spicier, etc… so you can try at different places and not get bored You can also choose many different types of noodles. 

Things we need

We will be back in Japan in October and in Australia in December. If you have some books or toys which are sleeping in your garage or if you know any schools or a child care centre which is renewing their toys please let us know! We are still looking for more books and toys to add to our mobile library. Please contact us for more information!
Example of the things we need (All for 3-5 years olds)

  • Picture books, Kamishibai, Big books
  • Durable Toys (blocks, wooden puzzles etc…)
  • Coloured pencils, crayons, paints etc…

We look forward to hearing from you!

【Contact】*English, Japanese and Khmer languages are available
Email: [email protected]
Web: https://tuktuk4children.org/
(You can be a monthly donater from here!)


Adrian Paschkow

Love everything tuk tuk related and my life in Cambodia. Not an author but don't mind spinning a yarn for the benefit of this project.
Adrian Paschkow
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Love everything tuk tuk related and my life in Cambodia. Not an author but don’t mind spinning a yarn for the benefit of this project.


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