Cambodia – Angkor wat

Did you know this about Cambodia?

Cambodia, the home of legendary temples, spicy amok, and bamboo just about everything.

Its history is rich with the stories of Chinese settlers, Cham invaders, and great battles with the Siamese. You need only visit the temples surrounding Angkor Wat to be transported back to this time and feel the power of the Angkor Empire.

However, much of its beauty was sacrificed between 1975 and 1979 when the control of the Khmer Rouge Regime devastated the land and its people. The regime enforced a strictly agrarian policy which induced the evacuation of entire cities to rural settlements and the genocide of all scholars, artists, and intellects, deemed both nnecessary to the future of Cambodia, and a threat. During the four years of suffering an estimated 2,000,000
Cambodians, a quarter of the population, died as a result of torture, execution, famine and malaria.

It is no surprise that Cambodia has one of the largest concentrations of NGOs in the world. Here we find ourselves in one of the poorest provinces in Cambodia, Pursat. The majority of its population are dependent on farming as a livelihood and to sustain their family. They live in a cycle of dry season to wet season, one harvest to the next; it’s quite essential for the family to work together to put food on the table. This means that many children spend their time outside of school hours in the field and inevitably lose their opportunity to a childhood.

What does being a child mean to you? We believe that as a child your imagination should be nourished, a child should see new things every day, things that make them laugh, dream and absolutely flabbergasted! It’s an essential part of being a child and of growing into an inspirational human being.

If you are interested in finding out more about our initiative stay tuned to our blog, share our stories and join us on this adventure!

Got spare change burning a hole in your pocket?

Why not make a difference in some of Cambodia’s poorest villages. Good karma for you, great excitement for the kids.

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