Tuk tuk theatre has partnered with BBC. No not the British news station but Building Bridges for Children who operate in Pursat. They run an interesting concept that is different to most NGO's. You see they don't just believe in helping the poor in Cambodia. They see only helping the poor they see it as a way of segregating the Cambodian people when we should be looking at more inclusive model. In recent times there has been an increase in middle class Cambodians who often miss out on the opportunities for education that the poor people get as ... Read More
May 8, 2016Adrian Paschkow
Pushing (Small)


Put pa pa put put bang.... The last thing I heard before the tuk tuk came to a grinding halt a good 20 kms from Pursat and 5 kms from the nearest town. Of course it happened in the middle of the day (think 41 degrees with a real feel of fry an egg in 5 secs) at the bottom of a hill. I have an elderly retired teacher to help push, sorry Rob but you're no longer a spring chicken, and no water to drink. Things are looking bleak. Lucky for us 4 motorbikes come along with only 10 people between ... Read More
April 25, 2016Adrian Paschkow
We did it


With $4250 in the kitty, (see calculations below), I have to admit that we needed to have a group huddle to discuss how to best utilise these funds as we didn't anticipate so much. I can however assure you that I can find very worthy projects with even 10 times this figure. We have decided that although we did not start out as an education platform, we have an amazing opportunity to step into this area and make a big difference. Some quick facts on preschools in Cambodia; Preschool teachers; Have no formal education and tend to be house wives in the village looking ... Read More
August 31, 2015Adrian Paschkow