Well this is what happens....... Why not send sponsor Alan? He is riding for 2 hours in the 35 degree heat just to bring enjoyment to the kids. Help him give him motivation by contributing here Contribute Here
August 5, 2015Adrian Paschkow
Alan racing


Tuk Tuk Theatre will be given an environment friendly make over this summer. We’ll be trading a motor for a man, and petrol for, most probably, rice. That’s right; we’ll be hooking up one of our most dedicated supporters, Alan Kemp, to the Tuk Tuk. Kempy, the long standing member of the Weaver Valley Cycling Club will ride for two hours connected to an alternator which will power our TV for an audience of mini tukers. He’ll need to maintain 14 volts throughout the duration of The Lion King in the afternoon sun, which most days exceeds 35 degrees Celsius.  ... Read More
August 3, 2015Lucy Kemp