Alan racing


Tuk Tuk Theatre will be given an environment friendly make over this summer. We’ll be trading a motor for a man, and petrol for, most probably, rice. That’s right; we’ll be hooking up one of our most dedicated supporters, Alan Kemp, to the Tuk Tuk. Kempy, the long standing member of ... Read More
August 3, 2015Lucy Kemp
Cambodia – Angkor wat


Cambodia, the home of legendary temples, spicy amok, and bamboo just about everything. Its history is rich with the stories of Chinese settlers, Cham invaders, and great battles with the Siamese. You need only visit the temples surrounding Angkor Wat to be transported back to this time and feel the power ... Read More
July 22, 2015Lucy Kemp
The school bus


Up next: Kampong Chhnang, the pottery making province, but not before making a brief excursion to Kampong Cham to taste the delights of roadside snails, get pumped-up with some pavement aerobics, and to marvel at the Mekong. We were warmly welcomed into Kampong Chhnang by Ruriko, the delightful friend of Mayu ... Read More
July 10, 2015Lucy Kemp