Tuk Tuk for Children

We're all about the kids

Originally created in 2015, we started out as Tuk Tuk Theatre and had the aim of bringing smiles to the kids in the surrounding districts of Pursat, Cambodia. TTT was originally started because we found that funding in Cambodia is concentrated on formal education and health but often lacks when it comes to informal education and personal development. Children often have to work for their family from a young age and miss out on the fun and games we associate with our own childhood. Tuk Tuk Theatre was developed to engage kids in fun activities, spread smiles and engage the imagination of Cambodian children living in rural villages allowing them to dream of something bigger than the small communities where they live. Well things got serious and what started as a fun, part time hobby, turned into a more professional project. The more we worked with the kids the more we could see areas to improve and the different benefits that we were helping to introduce.

As we started to dedicate more time to the project we realised that most of the kids that we work with are preschool age. With one of our founders already working in the Department of Education in Pursat, we thought it would be a simple leap from informal education to formal education. Educations starts at kindergarten and we soon learned that the kids in Cambodia were missing out on a lot due to a lack of resources. Enter the Tuk Tuk Mobile library. Starting in 2017, we expanded this project to include more support for teachers and more resources for children. We have grand goals of expanding this project further in 2017 and 2018 to reach more teachers and help more students through our online resources that are available for everyone in Cambodia. Kindergarten runs in the mornings from 7am to 10.30am and we run our Tuk Tuk Theatre in the afternoons so this rounded out our charity to a full time organisation.

Fast forward to today were we have grown from 1 permanent volunteer and quite a few temporary volunteers to 3 fulltime staff, (2 volunteers and 1 paid Khmer staff), plus support from the local community and international volunteers. We have expanded the Tuk Tuk Theatre to work in 5 different villages and 2 schools and operate the Tuk Tuk Mobile Library in 6 state kindergartens and one class for disabled children in Pursat. Read more about these 2 projects below…

Our Focus

Tuk Tuk Theatre / 20%
Mobile library / 70%
Support other organisations / 10%

We currently devote 90% of our time to our own projects but increasingly we are expanding to help other organisations based around Pursat. Included in this is BBC, a Khmer run NGO that has their own school and runs village projects, DDSP who work with disabled people, kids and adults, in the Pursat province and Pursat Alumni Association who work in community development.


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