Sadly my third visit to Cambodia and the world of Tuk Tuk for Children has come to an end but the next one is well and truly in the planning stages.  Of course the work continues from Australia where the latest plan is to try to enlist support of interested parties in stocking our toy library. It has been great to renew acquaintances over here again and to get back to working with the kids in the villages around Pursat doing the Tuk Tuk Theatre run. Happily some new games we introduced were a hit and kids doing some of the ... Read More
July 9, 2017Adrian Paschkow
happy wedding


You may be confused as to why things have slowed down recently regarding Tuk Tuk for Children and our quiet social media accounts but don't be alarmed. Not only has it been school break in Cambodia for the past 2 months we have also been a bit busy ourselves. July marked the beginning for Mayu to come on board full time with TTC and to celebrate we thought we better tie the knot. As anyone who has married into a different culture would know, the logistics behind transporting friends and families is extremely time consuming and as Mayu and myself are ... Read More
November 13, 2016Adrian Paschkow
Tommy gunn


Maybe it was the fact that the DVD player was in the open air collecting dust or that it was only a $50 special but either way the Tuk Tuk DVD player has not been functioning well for about 3 months now. Lucky for us, local Sommerville d-grade celebrity and all round good guy, Mr Tom Mail, helped us out and donated a new (at least new in 2008) Panasonic, top of the range stereo/GPS/DVD player. We redesigned the layout of the tuk tuk to have it hidden away from dust and potential thieves under the seat and added in the ... Read More
August 26, 2016Adrian Paschkow