Tuk Talk – Mobile library to double in 2019 (Issue 12)

PHOTO OF THE MONTH: Ready and GO!! Our new favorite game 🙂

Tuk Talk – 12th Issue

September 2018

Hello, TT4C supporters! The weather has been crazy all around the world but in Cambodia we are deep into the rainy season, getting drenched by daily down pours and bitten by the terrible mosquitos that thrive in the wet. On the bright side the relentless heat has died down meaning that there is less need to retreat to Pursat’s new, very well air conditioned coffee shops.
On another note, our office is thriving on full girl power, with the exception of Adrian; he might be pleading for some male recruits soon!!


Thanks to our supporters. We appreciate all your help including the monthly cash donations, books & toys, sharing our posts etc… Every action of yours allows us to continue our work. Thank you very much and once again, we appreciate & look forward to your future support.  

Latest News① We Have a New Tuk Tuk Driver!

Our former Driver, Mr. Leang left us a month ago and we have finally found a replacement for him! Our new driver is Mr. Mia, he is the uncle of Maly and conveniently lives in front of our office, hence we are already good friends with him. He loves children and they love him!! He is always ready to have fun and to get involved in the games, he can even be a bit competitive when it comes to wheel barrow racing!

Latest News② Maly Graduated from TT4C
Maly, who has been volunteering with us since November last year, completed her volunteering as she ventures to Phnom Penh. She has been our first Khmer volunteer, using her exceptional English skills to translate books and website in the mornings! She is such a cheerful person, bringing so much joy to the office as she is always laughing with Sokha and Dala. We will all miss her presence in the office but we are so excited for her to move on and have amazing experiences in a new city!

Latest News③ Our Mobile Library will Expand to 16 Classes from November!
Ms. Somaly, who manages the office of Early Childhood Education at the Department of Education, Youth and Sports in Pursat, has been asking us to increase the amount of schools we support for the coming year. We are happy to announce that we will be adding two more schools to our list due to the help of the Rotary Club Calgary, Donwtown’s grant, the Rutherglen Rotary Club, and of course all of the individual supporters.In spite of these schools being 1 hour away, they are great schools and worth the journey! We visited them at end of the school season, expecting there to be few students in attendance, but to our surprise all classes were fully attended by both students and teachers. The kindergarten itself doesn’t have any books to read or toys to play with, but the teacher has been making her own resources, she has even been collecting recycled material to integrate into her classes. We are so excited to start working with these amazing teachers and students.

Currently we support 6 schools and 7 classes meaning that we have 8 mobile Libraries (One extra to swap in and out). From November, we will extend the mobile library project to a further 2 schools and an additional 5 classes in our current schools. This means that we need to double our resources from 8 mobile libraries to 16.  We couldn’t make this happen without the help of Rotary and all of you supporters!

So thank you very much!
We are still looking for more books and toys, especially toys for November, so if you have something to share, please let us know! We really appreciate all of your help!

New kindergarten 1 with the teacher and manager from DoE.
New kindergarten 2. These teachers have been joining our workshops.

Latest News④ TT4C Music Videos Are Now Available Online!
We have been uploading our music videos online since mid August. We post one song every Monday on facebook, Instagram and You Tube. It’s all in Khmer but please have a look and see our superstars Dala, Sokha, Maly and Kenny the Koala doing a great job! Also if you know someone Cambodian, please share these videos with them!

There are many ways you can help to support us. Of course you can donate here… for as little as $2 per month but money is not the only way to help. Did you know that just by forwarding this newsletter to your friends or by liking and sharing our facebook posts or instagram posts, you can get the message out there and help to power our “Education Tukalution”.

Report for August

Tuk Tuk Theatre(TTT)

8 times, 262 children

【Movie for the month】  
Up (Part 1 and Part 2)


We re-started TTT from mid August. It has been a month and a half since we went to villages  so all the children were so excited to see us! We played our same old games plus some new games introduced by new voluntukers. 

Also new voluntuker, Ami gave an introduction to Hawaiian Hula dancing and Liza introduced the children to her country the Netherlands. All the children loved this new style of dancing and they loved the tulips from the Netherlands!

Tuk Tuk Mobile Library

August visits were our last for the school year so we took everything back from the schools in order to reorganise and do some fixing up for the next school year. As we couldn’t visit them in July, all the teachers and students welcomed us with big smiles. Our kamishibai this month was ” Going to a Market” and the song was “What will you be?”. We asked students about their dreams for the future before singing the song and a lot of them said they want to become doctors, teachers and police. Well, kindergarten is their very first step to helping their dreams come true. Their bright faces, inspired us to keep doing our best to increase their possibilities during the next school year! 

Kamaishibai “Going to a Market”
Card Game Time
One of our library toys
We found the cards from our recent workshop being used!

Voluntukers in August

In August, we had many goodbyes for Fran, Denis and Maly but also welcomed new voluntukers! We had 2 new voluntukers arrive in August and also had a visit from Niamh and Yann, as well as their mums!!

Denis and Maly’s farewell party
Niamh and Yann’s welcome back party


Ami, from Japan, is here for a month during her university break. She was introduced to us by Teru who was here a year ago. In the mornings she helps at DDSP Training Centre and in the afternoon she is helping to translate books and make kindergarten cards. She knows many styles of dancing and is teaching children how to dance Hula at TTT!

Liza, from the Netherlands, is on her gap year currently having a 3 month adventure in South Asia. She chose to start her trip with a month of volunteering with us. She supports DDSP training centre with Ami in the mornings and in the afternoon she is helping to make presentations about rubbish while also helping Sokha with social medea etc. At TTT, she is introducing the Netherlands and Skiing to children.

Khmer for This Month

Greeting phrases. “​ជំរាបសួរ (Chomreabsuor)” means “Hello” and “ជំរាបលា (Chomreablea)” means “Goodbye”. Both phrases are polite ways to say hello and goodbye so you can use them for people who you meet for the first time or people who are older than you. When you say these, it’s better to put your two hands in front of your mouth. (In Cambodia, there are five heights to hold your hands to show respect- in front of your month is the 3rd one.)

Food for This Month
“Fried Ants and Ants’ Eggs”

This is one of the “best” dishes in Cambodia. When you are invited as a guest to someone’s house, a lot of times they will prepare this food to show respect because these ants are special and quite expensive. You may enjoy the taste or not but if you are served this, try to politely stomach a mouthful!

Things we need

We will be back in Japan in October and in Australia in December. If you have some books or toys which are sleeping in your garage or if you know any schools or a child care centre which is renewing their toys please let us know! We are still looking for more books and toys to add to our mobile library. Please contact us for more information!
Example of the things we need (All for 3-5 years olds)

  • Picture books, Kamishibai, Big books
  • Durable Toys (blocks, wooden puzzles etc…)
  • Coloured pencils, crayons, paints etc…
We look forward to hearing from you!

【Contact】*English, Japanese and Khmer languages are available
Email: [email protected]
Web: https://tuktuk4children.org/
(You can be a monthly donater from here!)


Adrian Paschkow

Love everything tuk tuk related and my life in Cambodia. Not an author but don't mind spinning a yarn for the benefit of this project.
Adrian Paschkow
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Love everything tuk tuk related and my life in Cambodia. Not an author but don’t mind spinning a yarn for the benefit of this project.


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