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Its been a while between drinks but here’s the update

So the past 2 weeks have been quite hectic. We have had two visits from donors (also happen to be some of our volunteers family members), we have done an amazing never before seen fundraiser and of course we have managed to get more money than our original goal. All in all we have had a busy but successful 2 months.

I may not have posted much in the past 2 weeks but this doesn’t mean that I haven’t been busy. I have a hard drive full of photos and videos that I need to compile for those people that bought the video package when donating. We have added an extra village to our rounds and I am just about to go out the door to one of our newer villages directly after this post.

We changed our goal to $3800 once we went over our initial goal and here is the reason why. There are 6 preschools in the surrounding villages that we want to help support. The teachers in these preschools have no formal training and no equipment. We will hire one part time teacher to go around these 6 preschools, 1 per day 5 days a week, to give training to the teachers and introduce new games and activities for the children. Games for the kids sounds like fun I know but it is more serious than this as any kindergarten teacher will tell you.

I spoke to one of the staff at a local NGO about this project and he explained to me;

When the kids first start primary school, the teacher knows which ones have been to preschool and which ones have not. The kids that go to preschool already have some skill with pencils and pick up writing easier. They also already have a more inquisitive mind and take to learning much easier.

Education starts at an early age and we want to support these kids at the earliest possible opportunity. We feel this is the perfect add on to Tuk Tuk Theatre as we are already active in these communities and have some resources available. The original concept of TTT continues in the afternoons as always (I could never give up my leisure time) and this will just add to the smiles we can achieve in rural Cambodia.

So I guess I am asking for those of you who have been thinking about donating and have not yet done so, to perhaps think about it now. With your support we can really turn this into something that we can all be proud of.


Did someone say teacher training?

Help us support 6 preschools to have better equipment and better trained teachers. We are almost there and with a little extra push we can make it.

Adrian Paschkow

Love everything tuk tuk related and my life in Cambodia. Not an author but don't mind spinning a yarn for the benefit of this project.
Adrian Paschkow

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Love everything tuk tuk related and my life in Cambodia. Not an author but don’t mind spinning a yarn for the benefit of this project.


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