Who are we?

Tuk Tuk for Children was created in 2015 and its initial goals were about making positive changes to the lives of children in the Rural Villages of Cambodia. We visit about 200 children per fortnight and play, teach and generally put smiles on their faces. It is most rewarding for us and aims to return some of their lost childhood taken away by poverty and the fight to survive. In 2016 we formally joined Building Bridges for Children (BBC) who we already had a close association with. BBC is an NGO who run a school to teach English here in Pursat and provide improved educational opportunities in district school and pre schools. We have now introduced a mobile book library and plan to extend this to become a toy library soon. We employ a wonderful Khmer lady (Dala) who acts as our link with the local teachers and communities. She travels with us and has learned many teacher skills in a short time and is a great translator.

One of the original founders of Tuk Tuk for Children is Adrian. He has been here for over 2 years, is easily recognised by the locals as the only Barang (foreigner) Tuk Tuk driver and also because he towers above them at six foot four inches tall! He will be your contact point and will look after your needs whilst in Cambodia. Contact him via the website: tuktuktheatre.org