Mission Statement

To deliver the children of rural Cambodia quality education, sanitation, nutrition, and entertainment. It is our goal to give children their childhood. A large percentage of children in Cambodia have to begin working at a young age. As you can imagine, this takes time and opportunities away from their social and academic development.
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Donations for the Cause

Tuk Tuk for Children is a non-profit organization that needs supplies and donations to keep helping the children of Cambodia. 100% of donations go towards Tuk Tuk for Children.

Six Ways We Make an Impact

We’re a non-profit humanitarian organization helping children have a childhood in Cambodia.

Latest News & Events from Tuk Tuk Theatre

Sadly my third visit to Cambodia and the world of Tuk Tuk for Children has come to an end but the next one is well and truly in the planning stages.  Of course the work continues from Australia where the latest plan is to try to enlist support of interested parties in stocking our toy library. It has been great to renew acquaintances over here again and to get back to working with the kids in the villages around Pursat doing the Tuk Tuk Theatre run. Happily some new games we introduced were a hit and kids doing some of...

Quite unbelievably, it has been almost two years since I last sipped freshly squeezed sugarcane from a plastic bag and departed from the capital of Cambodia, Phnom Penh. Here on the British Isles things are the “same, same, but different” as they say in S.E. Asia, but within myself I’m not the same. Cambodia undoubtedly left a lasting impression on me. The statues of traditional Cambodian dancers, that sit on my bookshelf in inner city Manchester, take me back to the evening classes in the tiny village of Kandieng; of girls putting jasmine petals in my hair and of boys...

Last Friday we received some great news from Canada or more specifically, the Rotary Club of Calgary Downtown. Yes that's right, the good people of Calgary also have a downtown club. They have approved funding for the coming 12 months for our mobile library project operating in 6 state run preschools in the Pursat province. We have been talking about this project over the past 12 months and have done an initial pilot program last year and managed to import close to 150 kgs of books from Australia and Japan to get it started. What we didn't have, until now,...

Educate & Entertain

We help develop local educators as we entertain children across rural Cambodia.

Charity Designed for Impact

100% of donations goes towards. We run a lean charity to be able to give more to the children thanks to volunteers, technology and supporters.

Fun & Activities

We focus on not only education, but also having activities and fun with the children of rural Cambodia.