Tuk Quatro

A comparative flying visit of just one month this time round for my 4th trip working with Tuk Tuk 4 Children. Essentially this was motivated by the difficulty we have in transporting materials from Australia to Cambodia at a reasonable cost. The Bendigo Woodturner’s Club and Buninyong Men’s Shed boys had been busy making toys for the toy library and we were desperate to get them here…The option that chose itself was me making the trip and hauling two big suitcases and enduring 9 hours flying to make it all happen in a short time frame Then the process began to sort them, catalogue, create teaching strategies surrounding the toys and so on. With Dala, Sokha and Mayu working hard it has all happened and the kids who have used the toys so far just love them.

As usual there has been a great coming together of new and old friends/volunteers including in the past month alone those from Japan, Korea, Australia, France, Spain, USA and the UK. It is a very rewarding time and the slight discomfort of humidity and heat are outweighed by the appreciation that flows from the locals. Where else could you walk 3 blocks and receive 25 cheery hellos! A huge thanks to Adrian, Mayu and the wonderful locals. As usual there is plenty of advice, support and social outings to maintain an almost holiday spirit whilst here. Just gotta love it.