The town of Pursat is relatively small compared to many yet it houses quite a substantial population. From one end of the town to the other is little more that 2 kilometers so getting around has a few alternatives.

Walking: Quite a pleasant experience and not large distances involved. The technique of crossing roads may take some adjusting to but the rules are quite simple…decide on your destination and when a slight gap appears then head for it and do not change your thinking. That way the traffic will adjust and you will proceed unimpeded. Going to the market is a pleasant round trip of not more than 45 minutes from most of the common accommodation venues. Tukqwaters is less than 1km to the market. The only walking issue arises after dark where the many local dogs change to security roles and can be a bit aggressive. Usually bending to pick up an imaginary stone to throw is enough to stop advances.

Bicycles: A very common mode of travel for volunteers with a few options. We have a couple of bikes and if they are available then so be it. Sometimes volunteers buy a secondhand bike at a cost of around $40…use it for the time they are here and then donate it to one of the children.

Moto: Long term volunteers often have a moto and usually are willing to assist with transport if it is viable say for evening gatherings. They can also be purchased for perhaps around $200 if that is considered an option. Helmet use is sometimes enforced but licensing can be based on international licenses and is rarely an issue.

Hired Transport: It is possible to hire a ride on the back of a moto or a Tuk Tuk. Again prices are reasonable but you may need help from a Khmer speaker to book one. In saying that the drivers are always looking for a fare and you will be seen and asked “Tuk Tuk?” often when walking.