Introducing our new Corporate Social Responsibility program!

One thing that we hate as a charity is asking people for money. No one likes the door knockers or the people that hassle you at the shopping center with pictures of sad or neglected kids putting the guilt trip on you for your spare change. We only ever promote our charity with positive images and outcomes and we never get pushy asking for donations (but if you do want to donate we certainly appreciate it).

So imagine if you could donate money just by buying something that you were going to buy anyway?

In this day and age, we believe corporations should shoulder some of the responsibility for funding some of these projects. Not only is it important as a good corporate citizen but it helps them to build a relationship with their customer base as well as giving back to the people that generally help them to produce their goods in factories through out the world. Companies are forever asking you to buy their product and so we have no issue hassling them to buy into our charity either.

Get to the point…. How does this work?

When you buy products from our partner companies, they will donate some money to charity on your behalf. The best thing is that you get to decide how your donation is spent. Simply purchase an enrolled product from one of our partners, register on our website and we will assign you points that you can spend on our projects. Simple as that. This is currently a pilot project with one company signed up but we plan on rolling this out to other companies in the future.