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Tuk Tuk for Children is now open for new applications

Experience the REAL culture & Authentic Cambodia Experience

Volunteering in Cambodia is an enriching experience anyone can do. It provides growth for rural communities that often lack support while offering an authentic Cambodia to those visiting.

Off the beaten track from tourist hotspots, regions like Pursat are rich with culture, natural beauty, and friendly people. Overseas volunteers can help rural villages in a variety of ways, from education to digital support. Many skillsets are welcomed and bring unique opportunities to improve people’s lives.

Tuk Tuk For Children

Tuk Tuk For Children supports Cambodia charity work in kindergarten development while assisting local education systems with resources like books, toys and informal education – including our famous Tuk Tuk Theatre film screenings.

By working with the Cambodian Department of Education, we’re able to help teachers in rural areas provide a comprehensive education when often the only resource available is a chalkboard.

Volunteering for free with an organisation like Tuk Tuk takes you away from the standard backpacker’s adventure or voluntourism project, it gives you a chance to see an un-westernised Cambodia and improve rural communities.


How can I get involved?

Tuk Tuk welcomes volunteers from all backgrounds. There are no set requirements, other than an enthusiasm to help for Tuk Tuk Theatre volunteers. Skilled positions are also available for IT, Marketing and Graphic Design.

Volunteer in Cambodia free. There is no project cost, just a small fee in your first month to provide orientation, language lessons, and Visa support. You can stay in our volunteer rooms at a reasonable price or find your own local accommodation.

To volunteer in Cambodia, you will need a basic visa. The type of visa you apply for depends on how long you intend to stay. Your 30-day visa on arrival is $35 and a 3-month extension is $78.

To reach out and have a chat about what you can offer Tuk Tuk For Children, Fill in the form on the right. We’d love to have you on-board. You can also follow us on socials or donate.

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