happy wedding


You may be confused as to why things have slowed down recently regarding Tuk Tuk for Children and our quiet social media accounts but don't be alarmed. Not only has it been school break in Cambodia for the past 2 months we have also been a bit busy ourselves. July marked the beginning for Mayu to come on board full time with TTC and to celebrate we thought we better tie the knot. As anyone who has married into a different culture would know, the logistics behind transporting friends and families is extremely time consuming and as Mayu and myself are ... Read More
November 13, 2016Adrian Paschkow
Kids around small laptop


The first question everyone asks, why did you decide to pimp out a tuk tuk and show movies to kids in rural Cambodia? Well the short answer is why not but let's look at the longer answer to how we found ourselves operating a travelling theatre. First let's introduce the team involved. There are 4 of us currently based in Pursat in rural Cambodia as volunteers at a local NGO. Whilst working on one of our projects in a small village we were constantly attacked by laughing kids who wanted to play with the weird looking foreigners. We were having so ... Read More
June 16, 2015Adrian Paschkow