Pushing (Small)


Put pa pa put put bang.... The last thing I heard before the tuk tuk came to a grinding halt a good 20 kms from Pursat and 5 kms from the nearest town. Of course it happened in the middle of the day (think 41 degrees with a real feel of fry an egg in 5 secs) at the bottom of a hill. I have an elderly retired teacher to help push, sorry Rob but you're no longer a spring chicken, and no water to drink. Things are looking bleak. Lucky for us 4 motorbikes come along with only 10 people between ... Read More
April 25, 2016Adrian Paschkow
Brenda driving the tuk tuk


Voluntukers come and go in TTT's line of work. With new volunteers coming in and old ones leaving we needed to train the new up and comers in everything tuk tuk related. Of course that involves how to drive a tuk tuk. You're probably thinking that we whiz down to the local tuk tuk driving school where a skilled instructor starts off with 4 hours of theory followed by an intensive exam and a practical skills test. Well this sort of happens.... Today sees us introducing Brenda from Australia to the grand initiation of the uninitiated. Its raining, so she gets a bit ... Read More
October 21, 2015Adrian Paschkow


Setting up is not really a hard task. This is how we arrived at one of our Schools, Kandiang, that is currently without power. Lucky we have our own power supply built into the tuk tuk. Got spare change burning a hole in your pocket? Why not make a difference in some of Cambodia's poorest villages. Good karma for you, great excitement for the kids. Contribute Here
July 20, 2015Adrian Paschkow