Canada Bank

ATM at Canada Bank

Another option for cash withdrawals

Money changer outside the high school.

The units of currency used in Pursat are the United States Dollar (USD) and the Cambodian Riel. In general terms 4000 riel is equal to a dollar. Riel notes are in the amounts of  100, 500, 1000, 2000, 5000, 10,000, 20,000 & 50,000 so to convert to USD for comparative value just divide by 40 to equal cent value.  eg: 100 = 2.5 cents  20,000 = $5:00

Generally we will withdraw USD from one of the ATM’s attached to the banks on the main road. The Canadia Bank is perhaps the most used for amounts of $450 and under otherwise the ABA bank is better for greater amounts. You will need to look at what charges your own bank makes for international transactions. There are great variations and it could be wise to open an account in one of your local banks who have a lower fee. From the ATM there will also be a fee of between $4 and $9 depending on the amount withdrawn.

The smaller businesses and  markets may not accept anything but Riel and most places are wary of the larger USD notes. Once you have say $100 USD then you will visit one of the available money changers to convert to riel. Again there is a small fee for doing so.