So yesterday I got approved for $10,000 USD a month of free advertising for our charity with Google Adwords. Yep that is not a typo like the Hlep above, that’s what I got. So I started thinking;

Imagine you find a bottle, you give it a bit of a rub and a genie pops out. Now the Genie gives you one wish. What do you wish for?

World peace?

As we are a charity, you might think this is a good one but not high enough on my list. Humans are confrontational by nature and I don’t think this one is possible but I might try it if I really trust the Genie’s wish giving skills.

A tap in my home with endless supplies of craft beer?

This one seems well within the skill set of any qualified Genie but I live in Cambodia where a beer costs 50c and to be honest, clean water out of a tap here has a higher importance.

A private jet and a Ferrari?

Nah not a chance, never dreamed of being part of the 1%

Obviously you would wish for unlimited wishes

Now stay with me because I’m getting to my point.


So I deceded that my first ad on google will be to find a volunteer to set up and make my adwords profitable. I can spend 10k a month on finding someone to build it all for free. Its the exact same scenario. IS THAT YOU?? Damn I hope so because if you know what your doing and can help me set up some campaigns to get some donations rolling in, I can help to lift education to a country of 15 million people. I work for free on the charity as a full time volunteer, You work for free with a bit of marketing know how, Google throws free money at us. We don’t even need to rub a bottle and make a wish. Its all here.


Now I haven’t had time to add a contact form to the bottom of this page but that doesn’t mean you can’t pop over to the contact section of our website and shoot me a message. Why not read a bit about us while your looking around just to make sure you like what we do. Looking forward to hearing from you soon