Tuk Tuk Theatre – The beginning of Tuk Tuk for Children

Tuk Tuk for Children was originally called Tuk Tuk Theatre (TTT), which was our first project in Cambodia. TTT was originally started because we found that funding in Cambodia is concentrated on formal education and health but often lacks when it comes to informal education and personal development. Children often have to work for their family from a young age and miss out on the fun and games we associate with our own childhood. Tuk Tuk Theatre was developed to engage kids in fun activities, spread smiles and engage the imagination of Cambodian children living in rural villages allowing them to dream of something bigger than the small communities where they live. You can read more about this project here….

Working with children in the communities for close to a year, we started to see problems with the preschool systems. After some research we found that 67% of children in Cambodia do not have access to any form of preschool. We though that we could do something about this and so we started a mobile book and toy library. Starting in 2017, we expanded this project to include more support for teachers and more resources for children. We have grand goals of expanding this project further in 2017 and 2018 to reach more teachers and help more students through our online resources that are available for everyone in Cambodia. You can read more about this project here….